"I literally had a five star experience here for lunch last week and I intend to return over and over again!  This is my new favorite spot for sushi.  Well, I guess I should say sashimi.  I usually hit up AYCE places for lunch with my friends, but last Friday I wanted sashimi.  Thats really what I crave anyway versus all the rice you get in rolls and ngiri, plus my lunch pal for the day was on a new diet - pure protein, so we bellied up to the sushi bar."

"I didn't come for a long time after the new owners took over. I decided to try it out once more and was pleasantly surprised the new owners kept everything pretty much the same as Peter.  Prices have gone up a little but it is still a great lunch deal. And my favorite teppan chef, Antonio, who has been here since I started coming in when I was in high school many years ago- is still here.  In fact, the teppan shows have improved with the new ownership! Get ready to ooo and ahhh while the chefs make your lunch."